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Car Refrigerator Sticker




Product Description: 

This do-it-yourself refrigerator sticker will transform your kitchen into a fabulous space your friends and family would not be able to stop talking about!  Also a great solution for an old refrigerator or freezer that has lost appearance.  

These DIY stickers have a sticky adhesive-back, are easy to peel and apply yourself.

Made from durable, environmental friendly PVC material and are moisture proof.

They are great multi-functional stickers than can also be stuck directly onto smooth surfaces such as walls, window glass, doors, etc. 

Product Dimensions:

Size(WxL): approximately 

Size 1: 60x150cm or 23.6''x59'' For two-door layer refrigerator
Size 2: 60x180cm or 23.6’’x70.8’’ For three-door layer refrigerator

Please Note:   Ensure to measure overall length of your refrigerator and select the correct size from the drop down menu.  Please allow 1-2cm range due to manual measurement.

Package Included:
1x Fridge Door Cover

How to correctly apply this sticker: 

You will need: 

Water, some detergent, a hard card, knife/scissor, dry cloth 

Application instructions:  

  • Thoroughly clean any grease and stains from the refrigerator surface with water and small amount of detergent. Ensure to dry the refrigerator well with a dry cloth before application of the sticker. It will ensure the sticker attach more firmly to the surface.  
  • For two-door or three-door refrigerators, you will need to carefully measure the door dimensions, mark and cut the sticker with a scissor to be the correct required sizes for your refrigerator. 
  • Peel off the protect film and paste onto the refrigerator.
  • Very softly scrape remaining air bubbles with a hard card from the middle of the sticker to the edges. Trim around the edge. Take caution to softly scrape with a hard card not to damage the sticker.
  • If the package was bent during delivery, please put some heavy books on it. The crease will disappear after few hours/days when applied to the flat surface. The use of a card to squeeze out any bubbles during application will make it fit smoothly onto your refrigerator.  You will love it!  

Please note: Please take caution when applying this do-it-yourself product.  No refunds will be given for incorrect measurements done before cutting the sticker or damage done to the sticker by forceful use of a hard card during application.

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